Sleepless240 (sleepless240) wrote in h3st_daily,

Horse sehcks

Horsie and I have been having an argument. It goes something like this:

DukeSnorre: I haven't had dirtyness since EASTER.
sleepless103: Yeah, but you easily COULD have it
DukeSnorre: Sure, if I went out and picked up a fattie or a milf.
sleepless103: Or y'know, took advantage of the fact that all your female friends want to bone you.
DukeSnorre: Seems most of them are overseas, though.
sleepless103: There's got to be enough of them where you are.

So basically...All you girlies that are in the vicinity of our beloved Horsie...
Get to work!
Show our lovelie Horsie a good time.
You know you want to.
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